Really Innovations' lawn trucks are built like an army tanks. In fact part of the team of welders building your Lawn Truck are certified armored tank builders. You know they do not stand for wimpy welds. That's tough!

To maintain quality, all metals used are according to aerospace specification, not architectural. The bed on most models comes equipped with six inch hand rails on each side to contain deck stored fertilizer bags. A front headboard is provided to prevent spilling of corrosive materials on the chassis frame and rear of the cab. Our "spill guard" bed is a one piece fiberglass deck with spill control channels and drains that carefully divert away any loose materials. The Spill Guard deck also has a molded in textured surface to prevent slipping while walking on the deck.

The four inch tall cross members are fully gusseted to the main frame rail. The body-to-chassis mounting system uses a sliding hinged design to minimize stress to the body welds and equipment, prolonging the life of your lawn truck. This includes heavy duty 5/8" chassis U-bolt mounts and grade-8 pivot point bolts to distribute the load.

The design of the drop tank area on a Really Innovations Lawn Truck has a safety feature. The frame is designed to fold and absorb the energy of the impact, protecting the high dollar items on the truck, like the main bed, tank, and pump system. This design also allows a replacement or repair in a day or so rather than weeks of rebuild time associated with other designs. This simple feature can save you thousands of dollars and weeks of lost production. This is all done keeping the professional in mind. A strong reliable frame for everyday use, but designed and built with key break away points for minimal permanent damage to your investment!

Our Fiberglass Tanks have a low profile and are made with high impact premium grade polyester resins and marine grade gel coats. The low profile design improves handling and stopping of your Lawn Truck. Also, the lower center of gravity reduces the wear and tear on the tires, brakes, and suspension. Most of our tanks include at no extra charge an over-sized sight gauge and a full baffle system for better stopping. Most of Really Innovation tanks have sumps for efficient removal of the fluid in the tanks and large 16 inch fill well access lids.

The drop tanks ride on a rubber cushion that will not rot away. This provides a soft bed that protects the tank from bumpy road jolts and stresses. All of our drop tanks are made with a top seam that provide a more professional look and minimize a seam split below water line. Also our drop tanks have a flat top with a molded in textured surface for safety while walking on. The drop tanks are protected by a wrap-around integral aluminum frame.

Really Innovations operates its own fiberglass shop so we can maintain stringent quality control on process, as well as, materials used in your tanks. This is how we can proudly offer a Five Year Limited Warranty on our fiberglass tanks and tool boxes.

The Really Innovations Lawn Trucks are designed by Really Nolen, a Mechanical Engineer graduate from the University of Florida with years of experience in vehicle design. Also, he comes from three generations of Pest Control and turf care background, plus many years in design and fabrication of fire trucks and pumping systems. In other words, no pumping system is too small or large for Really Innovations. Our president understands PEST CONTROL and TURF CARE because that is where he came from.

The plumbing on our Lawn Trucks is built with low corrosive fittings and hoses. We use brass fittings for the pressure side and Precision nylon on the inlet side. This combination has proven itself to be a winning combination over many years, in comparison to the traditional galvanized pipes and fittings that must be replaced every few years because they have rusted through from the inside out. Additionally, we oversize our inlet plumbing by more than 55% larger than the industry standard. This contributes to a longer pump life and less down time by reducing the strain on the pump. Our pressure gauges are liquid filled and easy to read. We use PRECISION and PARKER HANNIFEN quality ball valves. No cheap low quality valves on your truck!

The filter is critical to the life of any pump. A low quality filter or undersized filter will dramatically shorten the life of a pump, but it is an easy way to save money in manufacturing. The pump is the heart of your lawn truck. No pump, no service, no income. We at Really Innovations know you cannot afford to be down, so we use a premium oversized filter (even if the cost is a little more) with caged screens and viton seals for the most reliable and best pump life possible.

The electric system is protected by auto-resettable circuit breaker and/or heavy duty fuses. Wiring is oversized multi-strand copper cable making a trouble free system. We take the extra steps to make sure all cables are installed away from sharp edges, hot, or moving parts. Also, many systems are double grounded for reliability. Really Innovations provides a full set of recessed running lights, DOT marker lights, and license plate light.

ALL fasteners are Aerospace Stainless Steel, period!

Oil drains are a standard feature on the pump motor for fast, easy, and clean oil changes. A motor that gets its oil changed will last years longer. We are always looking for ways to protect your investment. We are here to help you be a winner.

Really Innovations is not just an Original Equipment Manufacture but an Authorized Distributor for most of the Major Agricultural Pump brands. Therefore, you will get better service.

Remember, Really Innovations will build on the chassis of your choice.

Bottom line, Really Innovations is the Innovator of Pest Control and Turf Care Spray Equipment. Why buy imitation which we feel will not perform or last as long as ours?